10 Things About Me That Most Folks Don’t Know

I like lists; they are neat and compact. I also believe in telling your business, good or bad, but not letting that business define you. We all change and grow to some extent and what you may have done at 10 (or what was done to you) should not hold you back from your amazingness. So without further ado and in no real order:

  1. I once stole a berry-colored Wet-N-Wild lipstick from the grocery store I worked at. I was 15, had the cash, but looking back, I think I wanted to get fired. That color would have looked wretched on me anyway.
  2. After almost a year of plotting, planning and having clandestine meetings with my 88 year old grandfather, I moved to NYC by myself at 19. My mom refused to believe me until she saw me pulling out f the driveway.
  3. I dropped out of college, twice, but went back and now have a Master’s degree. What I got out o school, community and the ability to critically engage scholarly work while producing my own. The ideas I was introduced to in college would have made their way into my life regardless, as I am a voracious reader.
  4. My daughter’s dad, also known as, El Negro de Castillo del Bronx (long story) and I shacked up for five years before we were married; I conceived Tiny Smalls on our honeymoon.
  5. My mom and Aunt Betty are the best cusser-outers on the planet. No, this isn’t really about me, but it’s an important and awesome piece of information.
  6. I’m a Leo (Rawr!) and my favorite color is red, but I’ve really been into blues and greens lately. I think they temper that fiery red.
  7. I can swim! I’ve been able to swim since I was a baby because my mom wanted to make sure I would not drown like one of her childhood friends. When I was 12, I was certified to save lives in water.
  8. To support myself in my early 20’s, one of my jobs was as a phone sex operator, or as my mom called me, “a phone ho!” I made a lot of money as a “housewife” and “dominatrix”. Sultry voices. for the win!
  9. When I got my period for the first time, I thought I was hemorrhaging, or that someone ground up glass and put it in my lunch. You see, I was only 10 and all of the books and movies said menses occurs “around 12” not 10, and I had a crazy imagination. Thank all that is holy for my mom.
  10. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a DJ. I have a serious record collection and may consider it seriously when I’m about 60.

And that’s it! Feel free to share a thing or two about yourself below!