A Few Of My [Not So] Favorite Things

I began ridding my life of unneeded things in 2010 and will be carrying that through to 2011. For me, “things” are more than tangible items, they are also thoughts and beliefs. I firmly believe that your thoughts create your world and have witnessed how changing these thoughts have changed my external circumstances.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of 11 Things My Life Doesn’t Need in 2011 (And How I’m Getting Rid of Them For Good!)…Dun, dun, dun!

  1. Procrastination. I’ve cut down on this a lot last year, but I want need to do it more. A lot of my life exists on deadlines and instead of waiting until they creep up, I’m going to plan and work with my time a lot better.
  2. Hateration (Thanks, MJB!). I don’t do a lot of this, but when I do, I REALLY do. I’m just going to go cold turkey.
  3. Fear. Well, I may have fear, but instead of allowing that fear to control my decision-making, I’ll just face them one by one and conquer them.
  4. Complacency. Life is good, but it can be better. It can be greater. No more resting on my laurels. More going out and doing.
  5. Restlessness. I vow to learn how to quiet my mind more. Starting slowly, I plan on spending short amount of time focusing my thought. I’m even thinking of taking a meditation class.
  6. Solitude. While I love my time by myself, I tend to over-embrace solitude. I know that it’s a defense/protective mechanism, but for what, I haven’t a clue. This year, I will go out, get together with friends and be in the world a bit more. In fact, I’ve already had a brunch date and we are only 5 days into the year. Woot!
  7. Self-flagellation. This ends, now. I’ve been way too critical of myself and I’m just so over it.
  8. Staying Put. I love to go. In fact, I do believe I have a touch of wanderlust. Instead of thinking about traveling more, I am just going to go. I need to. I deserve to. I’m thinking I’ll start with day trips, then weekend getaways, then international. Watch out world!
  9. Sedentariness. I walk a lot. I take the stairs more than I take the elevator. I move. However, I want to move more constructively. This will most likely take the form of yoga, particularly since I have enjoyed yoga a lot in the past.
  10. Caution. Yes, I will act responsibly, but 2011 will be a year when I leap out of my comfort zone. I’ll pay attention to my gut in all instances, but I’ll allow myself to participate fully in life. No more shrinking away from the possibilities.
  11. The Burden. I am not responsible for holding up the race. Unfortunately, so many Black folks still feel that they have to be the standard-bearer of Blackness. Not me. I am only beholden to myself, not some mythical monolithic group. I am an individual and will revel in my individuality.

That’s the list. Moving on…