A Hero(ine) Is More Than A Sammich

Picture this…a sunny pseudo-spring afternoon. I’ve come in from teaching two English classes; lunch, via leftovers from the night before, is warming; I’m chatting up some homies via Twitter; and then the phone rings…

It was Ms. H, Zee’s kindergarten teacher. Apparently, Zee took a spill on the playground and she was bleeding profusely from the nose. The nurse got on the phone and assured me that she was fine, but I had to come grab her up.

Of course I didn’t mind and it’s times like this that remind me why I chose to have the type of schedule I do…just in case.

When I arrived at the school about 10 minutes later, the safety officer let me go right to the nurse’s price and that’s where I found Zee; pouting and with tears on her eyes. She was holding an icepack to her nose although the bleeding had stopped several minutes early. As soon as she saw me, the tears began to flow and she managed to eek out something like: I fell down and now I am swollen. I think I need a nap. Ah, the ramblings of a 5 year old.

She cling to me tightly as the nurse finished writing her incident report. Her teacher, who had gone to retrieve Zee’s bookbag, returned and told me that while she was running, she lost balance and fell. She also let me know that Zee’s nosebleed freaked her out.

Soon, the nurse was done, and we were headed out the door for the 6 block walk home. Along the way, I decided to ask Zee some clarifying questions. When I asked if she was chasing anyone, she answered yes. When asked who, she said, monsters. I asked her what she planned to do with the monsters, she said: use my gold rope to make them tell the truth. Aha!

Zee is a huge fan of Wonder Woman, just like I was at her age. In about a year or so, we’ve gone from all Dora and Kai-Lan to Wonder Woman all the time. It doesn’t help that I own seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, thanks to my mom.

I don’t mind mind watching it over and over again. Zee asks great questions about Princess Diana and likes that Wonder Woman is stronger than Steve Trevor. And I must say that I get a kick out of seeing folks like Phillip Michael Thomas and Jayne Kennedy as the bad guys.

What I’m saying is that although Zee fell and bloodied her nose imitating a fictional character, I am glad that she was trying to be Wonder Woman, a heroine who stands for peace, justice and truth — no matter how fictionalized it is. It’s much better than Zee trying to mimic one of these multi-millionaire athletes and entertainers who society holds up as role model, but continues to make poor life choices.

I just hope Zee doesn’t start spinning in the middle of the playground trying to turn into Wonder Woman and then fall the way I did when I was a kid — I still have the scar to show for it.