A Sense of Wonder Needs Radical Self Care

Sometime earlier in the year, I decided to allow myself to just be. I realized that I do not fit in with what has become the norm of American life: get up, go to work, come home, repeat. So many folks seem like robots, and I began to feel a certain discomfort surrounding falling in and essentially agreeing to follow this way of being.

I thought about how going with the flow actually cuts off my flow. I started paying attention to how my body, mind and spirit respond to and react within the confines of the daily grind. I started paying attention to how I felt; about what I was doing and why. It also helps that I am mama to a magical six year old girl who is full of wonder, merriment and joy!

For me, wonder is about paying attention to my whole person and freeing myself from fears by confronting and working through them and cultivating a sens e of wonder means taking radical care of myself, my whole self. There was a time where I poo-pooed this idea, but as I have come into my self more in this past year, I decided that in order for me to cultivate a sense of wonder in my life, I must:

  • Get plenty of rest: not just sleep at night or an afternoon nap, but times in my day where I purposely slow down.
  • Eat well: consume whole, natural and nourishing real foods; not junk or processed food-products.
  • Move my body: I am not a gym rat by far, but I do move my body every day. I walk a lot and have recently rediscovered yoga.
  • Experiment: I try new things, visit new places, eat new foods — all within my city. I explore.
  • Joy and gratitude: I am grateful to be able to do the simple things in life. There are so many who can’t walk, pay bills, or cook a meal. I can, so I enjoy every minute of it.
  • Sit still: I allow myself time to focus on the present and the possibilities.

Each day, I try to make sure that I fulfill every one of these and I continue to seek out ways to nourish myself so that I can continue to experience the wonder that life has to offer.