I began making a bucket list before they had that name. Mine started when I was around 10 and was titled “Stuff I want to Do.” Some things are long gone and long forgotten, but here’s where I am, right now:

  1. Own a home.
  2. Carnival in Trinidad.
  3. Learn to surf.
  4. Visit Africa. (Been to Senegal, twice. Will do, again.)
  5. Road-trip across the USA.
  6. Speak French and Portuguese well.
  7. Meet Maya Angelou.
  8. Regular, sustained yoga practice.
  9. Dr. Turman, Phd. (In progress.)
  10. Learn to scuba.
  11. Write THE novel.
  12. Make a film. (Time to re-up.)
  13. Relax on the Mayan Riviera.
  14. Read everything by Toni Morrison.
  15. Go to all of the bars, restaurants and coffee houses on The NY Times Scoop App.
  16. April in Paris.
  17. Record an album, yes, album.
  18. Become a devotee of MAC’s Ruby Woo.
  19. Something involving a Philharmonic.
  20. Be a mom to an awesome person.
  21. Conquer my fears.
  22. Smoke a Cuban in Cuba.
  23. Be love.
  24. Launch 1000 ships.
  25. Rock it, don’t stop.
  26. Survive a near-death experience.
  27. Remember the time.
  28. Pose for nudes.
  29. Spontaneous international travel.
  30. Catch beads at Mardi Gras.
  31. Flaneur.
  32. Be someone’s muse…



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