Celebrating Art For Social Change

There are so many women (yeah!) using their art to create social change, as well as running small arts organizations. On Twitter, I follow Joi Sears, the force behind Theatre for The Free People whose mission is:

Theatre for the Free People is an organization which is dedicated to using the arts as a vehicle for social change by providing community based arts programming and education to people all over the world.

Wonderful! But it gets better.

Imagine my surprise when I receive an email from Ms. Sears asking if I would like to be one of the artists featured at their upcoming Black on White event! Um, yeah! So far, the details include: a six minute loop of The Black Girl Project playing throughout the evening. Um, yeah! What amazes me is that she hasn’t even seen the film. She’s heard about it through the grapevine. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.

What is Black on White, you ask? Watch this:

To grab a ticket, go here. I hope to see you on November 6th.