Dispatch From Doc Class: All Good Things…

This past Saturday was the last Filmmakers Collaborative workshop at the Maysles Institute. I already miss it. For 15 Saturdays, I learned about how to be a documentary producer, created a proposal for my next project (which I’ll be tweaking over the next couple of weeks), and met a group of wonderful people who I would probably never would have met otherwise.

I watched countless films which helped me to understand how to write the narrative arc in my proposal, created a timeline, a budget, and because of Maysles and our amazing instructor Vee Bravo, will begin submitting for funding very soon.

It’s really amazing how things come together. About four years ago I set my intention to make a film, and I did. I had no idea what I was doing, but I did it. Now, I am equipped with tons of knowledge and resources, along with a supportive group of folks that became my Saturday family and who are now part of my film family and more.

Honestly, I owe much of my ongoing success, or rather, the fact that I am fully stepping into my creativity to my daughter. Many folks will tell you how children change them, and they do, however, my daughter has brought me back to myself; who I was intended to be. She is my inspiration and the way she went down the Soul Train line at our end of class festivities, she’s inspired a few others.

This is only the end of this chapter. I hope to be participating in the 4 week Final Cut program at Maysles in the spring. I can’t wait to put together my work samples.

And thus, it continues…