Dispatch From Doc Class: Week 3

This week was the hardest week thus far. I brought in my copies of my edited synopsis and my first act. My group loved the synopsis. The first act, not so much…but that’s great! I seem to have been misinterpreting how much action to put into my first act. I have no idea why, since we’ve been working on these particulars for the last 2 weeks.

After having a class review and examining films a little more. I got it. Our assignment was to edit our Act 1 and send it to our instructor by Tuesday. Of course, I finished mine and sent it in on Sunday night. I think that my edited version is 100% better than the one I prepared for class last week. Yeah, I am THAT confident.

Next week, we get to meet Albert Maysles. He’s gonna chat it up, show us some clips, and we get to ask him questions. This is such an amazing opportunity. If you want me to ask him anything (this goes to both of my readers!), drop me a line in the contact form by Friday.