Dispatch From Doc Class: Week 7

This week was all about the timeline and the budget. We talked about archival footage and were encouraged to go to sites like Reuters and Corbis to begin looking at prices. it’s interesting, our instructor, Vee, who made Estilo Hip Hop and is working on another film (we’ve seen the work sample; amazing!) is packing our heads full of information. FULL. what’s also interesting to note is that we are in a class of 14 and he keeps reminding us that only 2-3 of us will go on to really do this. Of course I am counting myself amongst that small group.

So back to timelines and budgets.

I have done research on my own regarding timelines and budgets, having made The Black Girl Project and wanting to know how to do it right the next time. Honestly, I am so grateful I got into this program. In class, we were given large paper, stuck to the wall, where we were instructed to create brief pre-production, production, and post production timelines with dates. I did OK. My timeline has my film completed at the end of 2012, but I will probably push that back until late winter 2013.

Then came the budget.

We had another long sheet asking us to detail all the things we think need to go into our budget, no prices, just items. Mine was super long. Once we came back to group we were handed a ficticious budget as an example for a film that cost $392,000. I’m now super revved to go.

Over this week, I will create my new timeline and a budget for my film. I’m even thinking of being ambitious and creating brief outlines for 2 other projects I am thinking of. Maybe.