February, finally!

February is upon us and I finally feel like a new year has been ushered in. I try to get in on the hub bub of December 31st, but for the past several years, I haven’t felt like January 1st is THE BEGINNING.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older and my body rhythms are changing. Maybe it’s some shift in the cosmos. Either way, Happy New Year (throws confetti)!

I’m celebrating this first day of my New Year by spending a chunk of time on myself. I’m being selfish and necessarily so. For some time, I’ve felt as if I am on the precipice of something; what that something is, I’m not sure, but I know it’s big. I’m taking time to reflect on who I am, where I came from, where I’m going and can I best use myself to serve others.

Initially, because of my background in education and youth development, and my rapport with young people (they love me, they really love me!), I thought that I’d focus my work on that group, particularly girls, and Black girls at that. What’s been happening is that I’ve come to find out that my work is wider reaching and is touching many folks, and boy am I grateful.

With that, I have come to realize that stories are truly universal and my life, experiences and journey, as well as my work, can influence a diverse body of people and that’s really important to me.

There is so much goodness to come in 2011. Embrace and enjoy!