February Recess: Day 1

What to do when the kiddo has a week off and you still have work to do? Luckily, my schedule is pretty flexible and most of my work is done at home. In years past, I planned my work vacations to coincide with the school vacations, but I digress.

What to do with an active 5 year old who’s congested? Aside from completing a page from the kiddo’s homework packet, we decided to make it a day of beauty. Zee is one of those little girls who loves all things feminine; she was born that way and I’ve just gone with the flow.

In between some standard arts and craftiness, and after our manis and pedis (and mommy’s deep conditioning facial), it was time for Zee’s deep hair conditioning. The child has mounds of beautiful, thick hair and this season’s weather has wreaked havoc. She loves every minute of it and hopefully, she’s on the path to making self-care a habit.