February Recess: Day 2

First snow, originally uploaded by Vermario.

So what did we do yesterday? Not much. It snowed from the time we went to sleep the night before until the early afternoon, then it began raining. Later, it snowed some more.

Actually, I headed in to teach my 2 classes and Zee hung out with daddy who happened to take the day off. Once I returned from work and grocery shopping, BOGOF arrived and Zee forgot about me and daddy, but I am not complaining.

Oh, who is BOGOF? BOGOF, which means “Buy One, Get One Free” is grandma; paternal grandma. she hangs out with Zee twice a week while I am in Bushwick, Brooklyn with a group of middle schoolers. I call her BOGOF because I think that is the only way she shops and my cabinets can attest to the coffee, condiments and other dry goods that she shares with us because of her sale savvy, but more on her later.

Zee and BOGOF had a great few hours, playing, reading and making art and I, well I got a little rest.

Day 2 was a good day.