February Recess: Day 4

Here you go, originally uploaded by Simon Blackley.

Thank goodness Zee feels a lot better. After watching movies all day on Day 3, she was up and active and didn’t watch an ounce of the tube. I wasn’t as joyful, since I had to get an itty bitty cavity filled early in the morning.

The day was filled finishing her homework packet “yay kindergarten!”, making abstract art with BOGOF (who showed up with a 40 oz of Maxwell House and some Hazelnut International Delight), practicing piano and a three-hour “ride” on her imaginary bus.

Yes, three hours.

I don’t fully understand the child’s concentration, but I do love her imagination. She decided that she was taking her babies on a trip to the country.

Zee loaded them all in her bed and decided to it was time to go. Not only did she sing “Wheels On The Bus” about 50 times, but she yelled at her dolls to “sit down” every once in a while. What really made me smile was the fact that she pointed things out as they were driving to the country.

Every once in a while, you’d hear “oh, look at that cow!” or “do you see the pretty trees?” and “what color is that car passing by?”…all stuff I have said at one point or another as we were in a car.

The day finished with some hugs and cuddles after we ate some chicken quesadillas that I made with leftover roasted chicken and wild rice from the day before, a little red onion, black beans and some whole wheat tortillas. Yum!

On to the next!