Gullah Gullah

After two weeks where a round of cooties made it’s way through out abode, we (well, I), made it a priority to get up, out and about this Sunday.

Our day started with an outing to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and their current rotating exhibit “Tales From The Land Of Gullah” which will be at the museum through April 4th.

It was important for me to take Zee to this exhibit, because Gullah/Geechee culture is part of our heritage. My maternal grandfather was from South Carolina and one of his many nicknames for me as a child was “Little Geecehee” for my love of rice, which is a huge part of Gullah/Geechee life.

Needless to say, we spent hours in the exhibit. Zee particularly like the Gullah house where she made rice (wha else!) for kids passing through and a quilt for a doll. She also had fun in the boat where she got to go “crabbing” and trying to grow okra in a video game where you had to get the soil dampness and temperature just right. One of the highlights of the day was making a basket outof rafia.

After spending almost 4 hours immersed in all things Gullah, we made our way home and had some chicken stew with…rice, of course.