Heading to Arizona

Not really.

Actually my film, The Black Girl Project, is headed to Phoenix. Urban Soulcial, a Phoenix-based organization is screening the film and I will pipe in later via Livestream. There will also be a Twitter discussion of the film, as well. This is the first time where there will be a screening and I am not physically in the room, which is fine by me. I made the film to be a catalyst for discussion and problem-solving and it pretty much stands alone. I don’t need to be an interloper.

What’s amazing to me are all the avenues that are open to independent artists and media workers to share their work. Just five years ago, this would not have been happening. If you’ll be in the Phoenix area check it out. I am also sure that you can participate in the online discussion and ask questions, even if you are not at the screening.

See below for details!