How Do I Do It All?

Really, I don’t.

Recently, in an interview for Beyond The Box Office, I was asked how do I do all that I do. In reality, I have no idea, but I do have some sort of structure. First, let me break down the work as simply as possible:

  • film
  • teaching (college and community-based)
  • writing
  • fabric collage (most folks don’t know about this)

In addition, I am also a parent and I am in a very intense documentary film program. I have tried (and continue tweak) my daily process. No two days are ever alike. Ever. I’ve tried to structure my life to allow for “free” time. I teach morning classes four days a week this semester at one of the 4-year CUNY schools and am dome by 11:15. My semesters fluctuate between two and three courses, with three being the maximun. I pretty much put my daughter on the school bus then hop on the train, but it starts way before that.

While most folks are sleeping, I am getting up. I get up between 3:30 and 4:00 am regularly. Yes, it sounds nuts, but I need time to myself. Quiet time. Thoughtful time. I get a lot of writing, planning and thinking done. I am a planner.  I wake up early anyway, so I might as well be productive. It’s also a habit I have gone back to from grad school. When I was working on my MA, I’d get up around 3:00 am, do my reading and writing. This worked perfectly, because my little one was a year old and I had to get it done…and I do.

I also get things done by working on several projects at a time. I need constant stimulation and have to sort of trick my brain so I can progress. On any given day, I am teaching, planning an event/workshops for my non-profit, writing, sketching, and of course, being mommy!

But most importantly, I am patient. I am the tortoise and I know that I can accomplish all that I want to and I take it one day at a time.