Makers, Consumers, and Creators, oh my!

A couple of weeks ago, I read this great post on Fly Girl Blog about fixing homogeneity by being a maker. It was one of those moments that set all types of light bulbs off. Andrea began the article with a link to this article about building real diversity in advertising. What struck me was that I am just finishing a course in grad school, Engaging Difference, where we focused on communities of practice and traversing differences across boundaries using artifacts, brokering, etc. Look, something from the academe in real life!

As I read on, Andrea suggests that in order to

With technology, social media, and skill-based educational platforms at our fingertips there are few reasons if any for us not to be authors, creators, curators, producers, and directors. Consuming content is cool, but creating original content is power. Whether you’re an artist, designer, director, writer, photographer, or crafter there is no reason for you to wait to be validated by institutions that refuse to acknowledge your talent. There are new rules. The folks who used to say what’s hot, avant garde, or innovative aren’t the know-it-alls anymore. You and your creative crews need to establish new rules, new standards, new definitions of what’s dope.

Right? Right!

This entire post was inspiring and empowering. Although I am working on a PhD and am loving the work that I do with my non-profit, I have been resting on my laurels. I’ve put my maker status aside, but now it’s time to revamp, re-up, and remix. I’ve allowed what initially started out as something that could be developed into a brand, Super Hussy Media, lapse into obscurity. I wanted it to be so many things and eventually it wound up collecting dust. I’ll admit that I had been thinking of ways to revive SHM, but couldn’t pin it down. Andrea’s article, though, has sparked something. What, I’m not sure, but the spark has been re-lit!

I’ll be using these next couple of months to formulate a plan, or 2, and really dig deep in terms of my life as a creator. It’s been my goal to mix my academic life with life on the outside and this may be it.

I’m ready to put the work out there, are you?