Off To The Museum: MoCCA

Every once in awhile I see young kids with their parents/caregivers at museum exhibits that aren’t tailored for kids and I happen to be a fan of that except when I was at the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art and this poor child began screaming when she saw the case of severed heads.

Creating special events for kids at major museums is a recent (within the last decade) phenomenon. Before that, parents would take  their kids to museums without a pre-formatted program and just enjoy the afternoon. Although we frequent places like the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the first museum I took Zee to was the Brooklyn Museum of Art, to look at the Romare Bearden exhibit. Zee was about 11 months and really enjoyed (as evidenced by her intense babbling) the colors, shapes and textures.

Fast forward to present day and behold the wonder that is the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. Zee’s dad collects comics and is a huge Spider-Man fan (like disgustingly huge). I, on the other hand, am a Wonder Woman stan and am proud to announce that Zee is learning to share in my obsession.

This past Saturday, with a few hours to kill after dance class, they headed over to check the Archie exhibit. When I asked her what she thought of the museum, she said: “Mommy, it was great! They had cartoons and pictures. It was fun and nice.”

I was a little jealous and feeling a little left out, but they both had a great time and I know that Zee’s dad did a great job of discussing the drawings/panels with her, since that’s his area of nerdiness expertise.

I’ll be going next time, though.