Nairobi’s Knapsack

We’ve been very busy and a slew of new posts are coming!

Always on the lookout for new, culturally relevant and fun things to do, I came across the website for Nairobi’s Knapsack a few months ago. The space, located on Franklin Ave, on the border of Prospect and Crown Heights bills itself as a toy and play gallery, but it’s so much more.

When Zee was a wee one and we were looking for mommy and me activities besides the playground, library and children’s museum, I had to travel to Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. It’s not that I minded the travel, since I am all about adventure, however, it would have been nice to not have to go farther than 10 minutes from home. Basically, I wish Nairobi’s Knapsack had been around back in the day.

I subscribe to their newsletter and found out they were previewing classes for possible inclusion on their spring calendar. All I had to do was RSVP and we were in.

We arrived a bit early, so we had the opportunity to look around the toy gallery. Zee was enthused with the wooden stove play set and made me a pizza with mushrooms. I spent the 10 or so minutes marveling at all of the books and toys with brown faces. I even found a birthday gift for Zee who will be 6 next month. Here it is, but don’t tell her:

Once the instructor arrived, we were ushered into the back of the store to a beautiful loft-like space and the kids were ready to start the preview. The three previews offered were: Storybook Theatre, Acting and World Dance. BAsed on the website, I thought they’d be quick half an hour sessions, but what began at 5pm, took us until 7:30, not that I minded, because I knew Zee would be pooped and down for the count as soon as we got home.

While I enjoyed watching Zee participate, she had a blast! She chatted it up with the kids, sang, danced and even acted out a commercial.

I have a bunch of kid birthdays and few babies-to-be-born. Every single one of them is getting a gift from Nairobi’s Knapsack. I get to support an independent business run by women of color and give unique presets. What more can I ask for?