NaNoWriMo? Perhaps

Ever since I discovered NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, about seven years ago, I said to myself, “Aiesha, you are going to do this! You will take the month of November and write a novel!” For two of those years I was working on my Master’s and for the last two, my PhD–no time for novel writing. But there were three good years in there where I could have-maybe-perhaps-participated.

This morning, while my darling diva of a daughter was doing what she does in the bathroom as she was getting ready for school, I haphazardly scrolled through my Facebook feed and saw this article, NaNoWriMo Is Upon Us: How to Get Inspired Even If You’re Not Participating, and all of the light bulbs went off. All of them. I am swinging in to the tail-end of my semester and have plenty to write for my courses. Additionally, I have an article to edit and resubmit, and there are several conferences I want to submit abstracts to. Additionally, I want to blog weekly–it’s a way to help keep my brain balanced since 95% of my writing is academic in nature.

With all of the writing, re-writing and wanting-to-write looking me square in my face, I figure that utilizing the NaNoWriWo model of 50,000 total words or 1,600-2,000 words daily will not only get me over the academic finish line, but will help me leap over my comfort zone by getting my work and ideas out there to both academia and the broader audience

For those of you in graduate programs, what methods do you utilize (other than the fear of a looming deadline) to help you produce?

(By the way, as of right now, the beginning of day three, I have 3,290 words written!)