Nights Over Egypt

This past weekend, we attended the fabulous Target First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. We tend to go every month, especially when the weather starts to clear. This month’s theme focused on women and I finally had the chance to visit the Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art, but more on that elsewhere.

In a world where we talk about post-racial this and post-racial that (which is all nonsense by the way), I think the only space that comes close to that ideal is BMA during First Saturdays. There, you will find a cross section of everyone. Maybe it’s because it’s in Brooklyn, but I you want to be amongst folks of every age, ethnicity and gender orientation, then it is truly the place to be.

We began our evening listening and dancing to the fabulous Emeline Michel, then enjoyed a chicken kabob and moved into the Egyptian and West African Galleries. Zee was riveted by the videos of the masquerade practices. We literally watched the video loop about 5 times and it isn’t like we have not watched them before.

But this was the first time we headed into the Egyptian galleries and she was fascinated by the sarcophagi that were displayed. She took pleasure in the limestone busts because they had Afros like hers.

Once 9pm hit, we made our way to the ballroom and danced until 11pm, when the Museum shuts down. Mommy proudly showed the child how to do the wop, alf, and cabbage patch, while my buddy Leneé displayed her running man skills — my hip still aches from doing the stanky leg, but such is life.