Now That Summer Is Really Over {Recap}

This proved to be the best summer of mamahood yet; not including the first summer of Zee’s life where we we spent nearly every day a either the park, zoo or botanical garden. Why do I say his? Well, Zee and I spent the summer commuting to work together and she had 7 weeks full of fun, learning and enrichment.

My summer gig is about a 9-block walk from my house and while I spent my days working with teens on multi-media projects, college exploration, and engaged them in discussion over a movie series and more, Zee was learning Mandarin, visiting cultural institutions, making art, making new friends, and helping to compose a musical performance that she performed in! On Saturdays, Zee went on recreational trips. She went bowling, rollerskating, swimming, built sand castles on the beach, and more. And to top it all off, our day started at noon, so we were able to hang out at home and get some academic enrichment into the mix before we left for the day.

Although school has just begun, quite a bit has happened already and first grade is going to be a huge learning experience for this mama.

Hope your summer was as marvelous as ours.