Party People In The House…

Today’s Reverb10 prompt is all about partying, and while I sat staring blankly at the screen, I thought about how much I hadn’t partied last year, although it had been a goal of mine last year. But then I had to rethink what my idea of party or social gathering is. I kept thinking along the traditional lines, but that’s not how I roll.

I have a really good friend who is an amazing photographer and, like me, he enjoys the beach at night. Luckily Coney Island is a short drive away and we spent several Saturday nights over the course the summer jumping waves at the edge of the ocean, eating fried clams, taking pictures and dancing like fools on the boardwalk.

We’d gone several times, but the night that stuck in my mind was the Saturday before Labor Day. I was a bit under the weather and hadn’t planned on doing much of anything. My friend calls and asks if I wanted to go to the beach. After I protested for a bit, he said: “the drive will make you feel better and maybe some ocean air will make you feel better.” I relented, he swung by my apartment about a half an hour later and off we went.

Once we parked, I wrapped myself in a huge cardigan and a scarf. I was wary of the sea germs. As we approached the boardwalk, it was a bit different than the normal group of folks dancing. By this time, it was dark and the crowd of 100 or so folks I was used to seeing was at least 4 times as large. DJ Sting International was spinning some great house music and there were people of all ages and backgrounds grooving; it was a veritible smorgasbord of people and dance styles.

Folks were doing the hustle, voguing, breaking, the two-step, the wop and everything in between. They were young old, every shade of the rainbow and every sexuality on the spectrum.

For the most part, I nodded my head, watched some dancers groove and snapped a few photos. We took a break from the crowd and I grabbed some coffee; I was still feeling like crap, but at least I felt better. Pretty soon I was in the dancing mood and found my way into the middle of the crowd. Next thing you know, the sweater is around my waist and the scarf had been loosened.

Then, DJ Sting International played this:

And well, once the song got going, so did I. Literally. Whatever icky cold symptoms I had were sweat out of me after I continued to dance for the next hour or so. It was the best night ever. Ever.

Courtesy: Nasheim Williams