Fabric for sale at Africa Faire in Dakar, Senegal. 2012. Photo by Aiesha Turman.

I am borrowing this term from scholar Marisa Parham who defines research pockets as: a kind of work-in-progress microsite. Like Parham, I have found that digital space allows me to collect (and sometimes organize!) my thoughts in very helpful ways. None of these sites/projects are finished and will probably continue to be works in progress.

AfroFolkFuturisms: Quotes, images, thoughts, uploads, and tools I’m using to help explore my dissertation claim that involves Afrofuturism, Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure, Black women, cultural trauma, and historical grief.

Goddess Past, Present & Future: An exploration of my interest in Black feminist, feminine and female-based religious and spiritual practices and dieties from across the Diaspora.

Reclaiming Geechee: Exploring Gullah/Geechee culture as a descendant.