Snow Day Comfort Food

Wednesday gave us a New York City Department of Education certified snow day. I was lucky on two fronts: 1) I found out about it on Tuesday morning via Twitter; and 2) I work from home on Wednesdays. With snow days also comes comfort food and for brunch I made some fritata with a side of turkey sausage.

I happen to be one of those people who always has potatoes in the house, so I diced a few and threw them in a pan with olive oil. Then I added some minced red onion, black pepper and garlic. Right before I added the eggs and shredded cheese I scrambled, I threw in a diced tomato.

While the eggs were still a little runny, I popped the pan in the oven on 350 for a few minutes and then in the broiler (with extra cheese on top) for a few more.

The entire pan below was devoured by two adults and a 45 pound eating machine.