The Best Little Bumblebee

This past Sunday marked the culmination of Zee’s second year of classes at the Harlem School of the Arts where she participated in Keyboarding and Dance 1. This was an interesting year for the institution, as they were forced to close, instate an entire new board and raise over $500,000 because of fiscal mismanagement via the past president and board. Honestly, we didn’t know if there was going to be a performance and I was pissed very angry at the thought.

But lo and behold, some money came through, classes resumed and the performance was on. In fact, on the day the classes resumed, Zee and a few of her classmates were in an article (she’s the taller one in the back.)

A Star Is Born

This year, I decided to volunteer backstage at Aaron Davis Hall and convinced Spence to help out too. Not only did it save us $40, but I got to dress the girls, harass play with them, get them fed, color, and just hang out and listen to in-depth 5 an and 6 year old conversation. I also had to console a few hurt feelings and dole out hugs, which I love to to do — the hugs, not the consoling.

The best part of the whole thing, the most absolutely bestest part of the whole thing, was being in the wings and being able to watch the girls from stage left. It was so much fun to see the excitement on their faces as they each went out in their yellow tutus, formed a line and did their dance. It was even more awesome as Zee spent a little extra time hamming it up during her 5 second solo.

Last year, I cried through the entire performance and had to wait to see it on DVD. This year, I was a proud stagemama, enjoying it all from start to finish.