The Black Girl Project

The Black Girl Project (BGP) began as a documentary film, which premiered in August 2010; I worked to create a diverse visual representation of young Black women, providing them with a platform to tell their stories in their own words with the goal to begin helping to transform individuals and communities through inter- and intra-generational dialogue.

Here I am right before the initial film screening:

Today, BGP is a grassroots organization that leverages both traditional, and new educational formats and media platforms to assist young women and girls in attaining personal freedom, liberation, and self-actualization. We do this via a multi-pronged approach, utilizing interdisciplinary artistic modalities, primarily Media and Literary Arts, to engage our core audience in creating, remixing, and narrating their own lives. Through on-site workshops and labs, as well as our annual Sisterhood Summit that serves 150+ women and girls from the Metro NY, and Mid-Atlantic regions, we use the arts to empower, transform, and mitigate inter-generational trauma and cultural/historical grief.