The Black Girl Project [Film]

I have always loved film and images and as an emerging filmmaker, I seek to make narrative, documentary, and experimental films that explore the diversity of Black life — real and imagined.


My first effort, The Black Girl Project, is an hour-long feature consisting of a series of vignettes where young women discuss sex, gender, community, the media and more. The film shows them as complex human beings, not just the two-dimensional objects we are used to seeing in the media.

In this film, we hear from nine ethnically diverse  young African American women between the ages of 18 and 21. They speak of hope, triumphs, education, sex, relationships, abuse, love and more. Through them, we see the diversity of Black girls’ and women’s lives that we are often not privy to in the mainstream.

Here I am talking about the film, right before it’s premier, courtesy of Society HAE.