The Wisdom of Letting Go

Very recently, I made the conscious choice to let go. I decided to give up control (which I never really had anyway) over how things, people and situations ought to be. In keeping with the idea of meeting people where they are, I finally figured out that I had to let go of any notions of how they are supposed to be. I’ve tried before, but it just didn’t work. I’d let go of a person or a relationship, then run back and cling to it for dear life. Holding on is not a life preserver, in fact, it will cause you to drown even faster.

Letting go has removed a lot of stress and strain from my relationships, both personal and professional, and allows me to make better decisions regarding who to give what parts of me to and how much of myself to give. It also allows me to take my space, or walk away more easily and without all of the guilt that holding on requires.

We cannot make people or situations any different than who or what they are, so it is best to see them as they truly are so that we can make the proper decisions for our own well-being. This does not mean that we should stop being vulnerable or that we should wall ourselves off from the world. Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care for something, in fact, it shows that you care — about yourself.

Letting go = freedom.