Educator. Writer. Filmmaker. Advocate. Artist. Parent. I am a lot of things, but what holds them all together is my passion for the health, well-being, and wholeness of Black women and girls across the Diaspora.

My work is personal and political, and grounded in creating and supporting healing, affirming and empowering spaces for women and girls. As an educator, I have worked with students from aged 4 to adult and have taught in community organizations, cultural institutions, and public universities. I am a firm believer that in order for culture to survive and progress, the spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of women and girls must be met in a way that is nurturing and restorative. I am also an Interdisciplinary PhD student at Union Institute and University where my research interests include cultural production as a way to mediate inter-generational trauma and historical grief among African Diasporan women; founder of Super Hussy Media (SHM) producer/director of The Black Girl Project documentary, and Executive Director of The Black Girl Project organization (BGP).

I do not believe that Black women and girls need a savior, as they are their own saviors. I do believe that Black women and girls have been, and continue to be, maligned in ways both direct and covert, from without and within the spaces they inhabit. I also believe that the self-actualization of Black women and girls lies in the ability to understand, embody and assert their freedom. My work includes being a steward for this self-actualization.

When not doing the work of The Black Girl Project or Super Hussy Media, coordinating a trans-Atlantic multi-media project between teens in Brooklyn and Dakar, Senegal, or leading a youth researched and curated exhibition, or being mama to my awesome daughter, I can be found napping.

I’m also a contributor to Legacy Letters, an anthology of women writers advising their teen-aged selves and I like long walks on the beach, freshly prepared juice and have been known to bust a move while waiting on a subway platform…

My academic bio can be found here.