What Do I Do?

Tell Stories.

There is nothing like a good story. Everyone can recount a story or two that they’ve heard that has moved them in some fundamental way. All of my work centers around storytelling, particularly the stories of Black women and girls in the US. For me, sharing stories is vitally important to maintaining and creating culture. As a people, Black folks’ stories have been either lost or diminished for several reasons including the belief by the dominant culture that our stories don’t matter.

Stories humanize; they create empathy and compassion. Stories uplift, heal, and bring joy, and give pause; they make you think, do and hopefully be better.

I utilize storytelling all of the time as an educator, writer, filmmaker, mama, and change agent.  My stories become essays, lectures, articles, commentary, youth-led exhibitions, photographs, and films.

Join me in visualizing, creating, and remixing, our stories! How?

Bring me in to work with your organization or group to facilitate professional developments around:

Creating Collaborations That Work
Making Media
Internship Program Development
Creating Safe Spaces for Youth (Particularly young women and girls)

I am available for lectures, panels, and talks on campuses, at conferences, for organizations and a variety of other spaces and institutions.

As a facilitator and storyteller, I am available for panels and speeches. My work boils down to creating space for the growth and empowerment of Black women and girls inter- and intra-generationally across the Diaspora. Whether in front of a room of college students, community youth, elders, or a packed theater after a screening of a film, I am always mindful that the meaningful conversations take place back at home, in school, on the bus and I like to be the catalyst for that. It’s something that I love to do and continue to grow into. Folks always leave with a sense of connectedness.

Animated and with passion, I speak truth to power.

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