What They Say [Testimonials]

What’s important to me is what folks takeaway from their experiences with me and my work. Here are a few testimonials:

Before working with Aiesha, I hadn’t planned on going to college. I figured I would just get a job. She helped me realize I could go to school and then guided me through the entire process from applying through financial aid.
Netchem Hairston, Liberal Studies Major, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Turman’s film, The Black Girl Project, provides a chilling commentary on the fragile nature of being young, black and female in urban America. The stories are insightful and thrilling in their transparency. Naked, the film is a powerful and nuanced portrait of feminine identity and vulnerability.”
K. Neycha Herford, Artist, Musician, Author
I’ve had the opportunity to see Aiesha at work with a group of high school students. She was really engaging and kept the group focused and moving forward.
Tamara Walker, PR Professional
Aiesha had faith in me when I didn’t have it in myself. Because she believed in me and took the time to work with me, I am well on my way to accomplishing my goals.
Chanel Jones, student, Temple University
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